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    Move: Jet Hit

    King Dedede

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    Move: Jet Hit

    Post by King Dedede on Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:12 pm

    I was inspired to make this because of DiZ's move, 'Rocket Tackle'. However, this works completely differently and it will only be learned by a select group of Poke'mon.

    Type: Steel
    BP: 80
    PP: 15
    Acc: 95%
    Effect: if it misses, the user will keep going and damage itself. Has a 10% chance of causing a burn to the target.
    [*] []
    [] []
    In game desc.: "The user slams into the foe using rocket engines. May cause a burn."

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    Re: Move: Jet Hit

    Post by Itsme on Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:18 pm

    Why would it cause burn?

    Anyway... I have the perfect pokemon for this move... They are Steel/Flying type and are based of jet planes and a helicopter!! but again I have so many flying types that I wasn't sure if I want to post them but now maybe I will!
    King Dedede

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    Re: Move: Jet Hit

    Post by King Dedede on Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:20 pm

    It causes a Burn because they are jet engines, and they emit fire.

    Also, I think this may be a bit overpowered. Any opinions?

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    Re: Move: Jet Hit

    Post by Gelatino95 on Fri Aug 19, 2011 5:21 pm

    Make it base 80 or something. Then it will be like a counterpart to Iron Head.

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    Re: Move: Jet Hit

    Post by Blackjack on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:00 pm

    This could be for Motstream.

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    Re: Move: Jet Hit

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