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Welcome to New Gen Pokemon! Here, we are attempting a fan-made project to create a Pokemon game in the style of Nintendo's official games. If you are not yet a member, click "Register" at the top and start helping out immediately!
New Gen Pokémon

A fan-made project based on Nintendo's Pokemon series to create an imaginary game in a similar style to those of the official series.

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    Post by Gelatino95 on Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:14 am

    Just some basic rules to keep in mind while using the forum:

    1. No SPAM: Make sure all the posts you make are meaningful and don't stray too off-topic from the main point of a thread.

    2. Make your topics meaningful: If you make a thread and expect it to become obsolete very soon, then try to find an existing thread to post your ideas in. We want all of our threads to be meaningful and contribute to our overall goal.

    3. Respect other users: Even though you're on a computer and the people you're talking to will probably never see you in real life, that doesn't mean you can disrespect people. Act as if you are talking to them face to face, and don't be mean. Also, if somebody posts their artwork, only give CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, meaning don't be mean just for the heck of it.

    4. Make double-posts sparingly: As long as sufficient time has passed and whatever you have to say isn't exactly the same as your previous post, then double-posting is fine.

    5. Stay on topic: If you want to discuss something off-topic in your posts, then just make sure to include something relevant to the topic as well. However, if you have a long off-topic conversation, then you must make a new thread for it, drop the conversation, or take it to the chatbox.

    6. Don't keep a poll around longer than needed. You can delete a poll once you've come to a decision. Just edit the original post and under Poll Options, check the box that says "Delete Poll" and save your changes. Easy as that.

    (More rules will be posted as they come up.)

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